The Durham Universal Pre-K Application for the 2020-2021 school year is now available online! Visit our website for more information or call 1-833-PREK-EDU to schedule a virtual application appointment.

How Can I Help My Child Ease Those First Day Jitters?

The Department of Education in Michigan provides some tips on calming the first-day jitters!

Preparing for Kindergarten!


This month, we interviewed three teachers from Durham Public Schools about how families can get ready for kindergarten and how to encourage their children to be excited! Click below to read the full interview.




“This fall, visiting the school may not be a safe option due to COVID-19, but there are other ways to get to know your teacher. One fun idea is to write your teacher a little note about your family or your child to help them get to know you better.”

Kindergarten at Durham Public Schools


On the Durham Public Schools (DPS) website, you can find information about Kindergarten registration and what to expect from your child’s first year of school. Due to COVID-19, the kindergarten registration process is under revision. If your child is currently enrolled in pre-K at a DPS site, they will automatically be registered for Kindergarten. For families that are not currently enrolled at a DPS Pre-K site, DPS is working on a plan to resume enrollment. They encourage you to check their website frequently for updates.

Please Don’t Go! Separation Anxiety and Children


“It is often hard for a parent or other loved one to leave a young child who cries and clings. The child is experiencing separation anxiety. Children may not understand when loved ones will be back. These situations can be upsetting to the loved ones who have to leave—as well as to the child. Here are some things to remember about separation anxiety.”

Durham PreK Home Learning Activities


Durham PreK teachers and staff are creating weekly learning activities for your family to use at home. Activities are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on our social media accounts. Follow us on Instagram @durhamprek, Twitter @durhamprek and Facebook @durhamprek to join us! If you post pictures or videos of your family doing the activities, please tag us!


You can also view additional resources on our Home Learning Resources page and see a list of all the lessons on our blog. We are excited to learn with you!


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Durham PreK is Durham County’s local commitment to equitable access to high-quality preschool for all children in Durham. Investments will not only increase the number of publicly funded pre-K seats, but also broaden eligibility and work with teachers and private centers to build their quality through teacher and director education, mentoring and coaching.

Durham PreK classrooms have suspended through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. We are now accepting online applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Please call 1-833-773-5338 to schedule a virtual application appointment or learn more about the application process.