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Durham County’s Local Investment

“This is not just a County responsibility; this is not just schools’ responsibility; this is a community responsibility, and Universal Pre-K represents a community investment in our future which will benefit every individual, institution and corporation in Durham”

- Wendell M. Davis, Durham County Manager, 2014-2021

As defined in Durham’s Community Early Education/Task Force Report, high-quality preschool promotes positive gains in children’s physical, social-emotional and cognitive development. High-quality early childhood education is crucial because critical brain development occurs in the years between birth and the start of kindergarten, giving preschool the power to close the achievement gaps that begin at an early age and can persist into adulthood.

Durham County's Local Government values the importance of high-quality preschool, and has invested $10 million into the expansion of preschool services through Durham PreK to ensure the achievement gaps are minimized between children in Durham. Research shows for every dollar spent on early childhood education, there is a $7 return on investment when those children reach adulthood. Durham County leaders are not only investing in young children and their futures, but the future of the Durham community itself.

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To review the Task Force’s recommendations for preschool expansion in Durham, and to read more about the current state of children, families and preschool in Durham, please view the Reports page.

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I’m so excited about the Durham PreK program. The program is giving each child the opportunity to be prepared and ready for Kindergarten. I’m very fortunate for the technical assistance support towards the program.

Director of Creative Schools at Davis Park

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Durham is making a bold investment in the future by supporting early education for our young children.

Linda Chappel, Senior Vice President of Triangle Area Child Care Resources and Referral Services at Child Care Services Association