Site Locations

Scroll through the interactive map to view all of the Durham PreK sites. To find a specific site, find and click on the school in the chart below.

Families are able to indicate their site preferences in the second stage of the application process for all sites except Durham Public Schools classrooms. Families can indicate a preference to be placed with DPS, but cannot select specific DPS sites. DPS will consider a family's base school and home address in the placement process, but cannot guarantee a specific site placement.

Children are considered for all public pre-K seats in Durham County (except for Watts and Morehead Magnet Schools, which uses the DPS magnet application and Mangum Elementary, which is a three-year-old program.).

Families should be aware that pre-K classrooms at Watts and Morehead place families through the DPS Magnet School Application Lottery, not through the Durham PreK Application. Additionally, Mangum Elementary is a three-year-old program with a separate application process.

Care outside the preschool day is called Wrap Around Care (also known as Before or After Care). Wrap Around Care is a separate service from preschool and is neither guaranteed at every facility nor free. DSS Vouchers and CCSA Scholarships can sometimes help to cover Wrap Around Care costs for qualifying families, but eligibility for these services is not guaranteed or universally applicable to all types of preschool. For more information about CCSA Scholarships or to see if you may be eligible, please call 919-403-6950 and ask to speak to the next available scholarship counselor or you may send an email to

Click the button below for the hours and fees available for Before and After Care (Wrap Around Care) at pre-K sites for the 2022-23 school year. If your child's placement site does not have hours or fees listed or for further questions about Wrap Around Care, we encourage you to contact the site directly.

Finding Child Care Near You!

Follow these steps to find a child care site close to home!

  1. Type your address in the box below.
  2. Select your desired seat type (Durham PreK, NC Pre-K, Head Start, or Durham Public Schools) or leave it at "select category" to see all seat types.
  3. Select your desired radius (either 5 miles, 10 miles, or 15 miles from your address).
  4. Hit enter on your keyboard and browse the sites that meet your criteria!

If you prefer to find a child care site near a relative's house or near your job, you can use that address instead and follow the same steps above.