Family and Community Resources

This page serves to connect Durham County community members with local and national organizations primarily focused on early childhood and family wellness. Below you will find resources for pre-K applications in Durham, family mental health, parenting, developmental concerns, literacy support and more!

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Child Care Needs

Below, you will find application materials for Durham PreK Application, resources to assist your family in finding child care, and more.


Preschool Services Overview


Child and Family Health

Child and family health is very important to everyone in the early childhood education community. Below are some resources for physical health, mental health, and potential developmental concerns.


COVID-19 Resources

As we continue to progress through the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to ensure you have access to the most updated and informative information. When in doubt, please visit the CDC's website, Durham County's official policies, and remember your 3 W's.

Wear a cloth covering over your nose and mouth.

Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Important Vaccination Information

"Safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines will help us defeat this virus, get back in control of our lives and back to the people and places we love.

A tested, safe and effective vaccine will be available to all who want it, but supplies will be limited at first. Independent state and federal public health advisory groups have determined that the best way to fight COVID-19 is to start first with vaccinations for those most at risk, then reach more people as the vaccine supply increases throughout 2021."

The resources under "vaccination" will provide the information you need to learn about the vaccine.

Early Childhood Action Plan - Grown in Durham

Read about Durham's Early Childhood Action Plan and navigate through the different website pages of the ECAP website to learn more.

Food Security

If you and your family are looking for free or affordable meals or groceries, view the resources below.


Home Learning Resources

For a comprehensive list of home learning resources, visit our Home Learning page.


Housing, Shelter and Homelessness

Below are resources to help families in need of temporary housing or shelter, and those in need to rental assistance during COVID-19.


LGBTQ+ Resources

These organizations offer resources for LGBTQ+ youth in Durham and for teachers to incorporate in schools.



These organizations offer resources for literacy and books for families in Durham.


Parenting and Family Support

These resources and organizations can help families find support groups, meet other families, connect with professionals that can assist in child raising and development, and more.


Race and Ethnic Identity in Early Childhood Education

Durham PreK and the Pre-K Partners are committed to continuously learning how to foster anti-racist classrooms for all children and families. We are developing a webpage specific to racial equity in early childhood education, and will post that resource and commitment below when it is available. We have listed a few of the resources we plan to include on the Racial Equity page below as a starting point for this internal and community-based work.


Resources for Families that Prefer Services in Spanish or Other Languages

Some multilingual resources are dispersed throughout the other resource categories, but more can be found below for families that prefer information in Spanish or other languages.