Application Tutorial Video Library

This video library can be a resource for your Durham PreK application. These videos are quick how-to videos for different tasks in the application. They are available in English and Spanish. These videos are also embedded in the application portal with their corresponding step and on our YouTube channel.


Welcome To Your Application: Things to Know Before You Start
How to Log-in to Your Application Portal
How to Verify Your Application Email
How to Make Changes: Application Email and Password Credentials
Clicking the Submit Button after Completing a Task
How to Add a Collaborator in Your Application
What to Do if You Need to Apply for Multiple Children/Twins
What if I Entered My Child's Date of Birth Incorrectly?
When and How to use Statement of No Documentation of Income Form
How to Upload Documents to Your Application
How to Submit Site Preferences
Prepare to Choose Your Site Locations
Respond to Placement and Photo Release