Name Game

April 17, 2020

Happy Friday!

Today we are learning a fun game with Alex. She will teach you how to play the Name Game that will help you spell your name. To make it fun for the whole family, you can practice spelling your family members' or classmates' names!


Materials Needed:

  • ¬†Envelope (or a piece of white or construction paper)
  • File Folder or Card Stock
  • Pencil
  • Pointer (can be a pen, pencil, popsicle stick or aanything else they can use to point)
  • Scissors


  1. Write your child's name on an envelope (or piece of paper) in all capital letters with a little bit of space between each letter, and leave enough space below the name.
  2. Write you child's name on the file folder or card stock paper in the same way (space between letters).
  3. Cut out each letter into little squares or rectangles. If you are using an envelope, you can store this little tiles inside the envelope.
  4. Have your child find the letter tile that matches each letter of their name, starting at the beginning, and place it below the letter written on the envelope.
  5. Once they match all the letters, your child can point to each letter with their pointer and say the letter's name.
  6. Then, flip the envelope over and ask your child to spell their name with the letter tiles without peaking at the other side!
  7. You can ask them to tell you the letter names again or try making each letter sound.
  8. The next step is usually to trade with your classmates, but since we are all learning virtually right now, you can create a a set for each family member, pets or classmates' names to help your child learn letter names and sounds and spelling skills.

We hope you have fun! Can you think of any other activities you can use these tiles for?