Number Game

May 20, 2020

Join us on Instagram TV for a Number Game from Ms. Abigail Barr! There are a few sample pictures and then a song to sing.



You can use your fingers as the fish if you'd like, but if you want to turn this activity into a craft, you can use the following items.

  • Paper - any color you want your fish to be
  • Markers - or any other materials to decorate your fish (stickers, glitter, ribbon)
  • Popsicle Sticks - or any similar item (pipe cleaners, pens/pencils, or your fingers!
  • Glue/Tape


  1. Cut the paper out in the shape of a fish (template below, if you need one!).
    • You'll need 5 fish.
  2. Number each fish 1-5 using dots, numbers or both.
  3. Decorate the fish with your markers or other materials.
  4. Glue the back of the fish to the popsicle sticks (if you're using your fingers, use tape!)
  5. Use the fish to follow along with the song.

Extra Activities and Resources:

  • If you want to work with more than 5 numbers, you can make 12 fish instead and grab an empty egg carton to put them in. Flip the egg carton upside down and use the popsicle stick or pencil to poke a small hole in each of the 12 sections. You can use this to hold all 12 fish!
    • Practice adding and taking away fish and counting each time.
    • You can also number the egg carton 1-12 (not in order) and match each fish's number with the number on the egg carton.