Sorting with Katie

April 15, 2020

Thanks for joining us again for Learning at Home with Durham PreK!

Today, we have a quick lesson about sorting, counting and describing categories. Head over to our Instagram for a walk through and some examples!


This video includes:

  • Sorting Legos by shape, counting the number of categories and counting the number of Legos in each category
  • Sorting Legos by color
  • Sorting rocks by color

If you don't have Legos or building blocks at home to sort, you can always use other items you have at home. For example, buttons, beads, coins and leaves are great for sorting! Here are some more ideas for sorting at home:

  • Fruits and vegetables by color and size
  • Laundry by type of clothing by color or type of clothing (categories like pants, shirts, socks and dresses)
  • Crayons by color or length
  • Markers by color
  • Shoes by size or who wears them

While you're sorting together, here are some questions you can ask your child:

  • Can you tell me about your categories?
  • Why did you divide the items into these categories?
  • How many categories do you have?
  • What do the items in this category have in common? (Pick any category)
  • How are these two categories different? (Pick any two categories)
  • Can we sort these another way?